The safe driving course is designed as a refresher course for individuals who have a long history of driving a motor vehicle.

It is a driving orientation program designed to ensure that the participant at the end of the training, can demonstrate a high standard of competence in handling light / medium vehicle(s) in a safe and responsible manner in the Nigeria driving environment.

Emphasis will be on hazard identification, defense and timely action, the physical condition, mental condition and the characteristics of a defensive driver, vehicle pre/post safety checks, traffic-regulations and highway code, the effects of a motor vehicle on the environment, hints on safe driving, drugs/alcohol and driving, driving conditions, journey management and many more topics.

This session will be backed with audiovisual aid. A theory motoring test will be conducted for the candidates to determine the overall impact of the course on the candidate.

Finally, a practical driving demonstration test will be conducted for each candidate to help identify, highlight and correct deficiencies in driving habits.

Course Outline include:

  • Introduction to defensive driving
  • Use of Driver Communication tools (audio/visual)
  • Highway Code
  • Driving Strategies (passing, maneuvering, city & rural)
  • Six Conditions of Driving and how they affect the Driver
  • Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the driver
  • Skidding: Courses and Control
  • Practical demonstration to identify and correct driving errors.
  • Driver commentary
  • Driver Perception (seeing habits of safe driving)
  • Journey Management.
  • Presentation of certificate

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