Industrial / Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver Training / Assessment

The Heavy Goods Vehicle driver assessment package is made up of six stages comprising an initial driver assessment which will reveal each candidate's driving ability. A candidate may be considered to have passed the practical test at this stage provided he has satisfied the conditions of the practical test; a written theoretical assessment will follow and a group discussion class which is aimed at reviewing each candidate's minor driving faults. Company rules and regulation as it affects driving and the use of operational vehicles will be discussed with the candidates in a classroom environment.

Finally, a second practical driving demonstration test will be conducted for any candidate who does not meet the set standard to pass the test.

Candidates who pass will be awarded the Company permit to drive for the relevant class of vehicle(s) with which he was tested.

If the candidate is found not competent (FAIL), the candidate may be nominated to attend Heavy Goods Vehicle driver training Course or repeat the aspect(s) of the test that resulted to failure to pass the driving test.


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