Evasive Driving And Anti Terrorist Awareness Course.

The Evasive Driving Anti Terrorist awareness Course is a driving course designed and based on the ROADCRAFT Police Driver’s Course on Advanced Driving for persons at risk and other persons that work with those at risk in trying to evade terrorist attacks.

The objective of the course is to enhance confidence, awareness, driving skills and maneuvering ability of the participants.

The Evasive Driving and Anti Terrorist awareness course is made up of four modules, which include the following lectures:

Module I Practical Road Driving Techniques (Evasive driving)

  • Principles of vehicle positioning to normal road driving
  • Practical cornering techniques for smooth driving Commentary driving
  • Principles of vehicle ramming techniques
  • Forced, target and intermittent braking
  • Anti-surveillance techniques during normal public driving
  • Explanation of effective reverse and handbrake turns
  • Principles of controlling a vehicle traveling at high speed
  • Skids-cause and control.


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