Ace Driver Training School

Driver Training

For Beginners and Experienced Drivers

Our Driver Training program is designed for people who have never driven before, people who want to perfect behind the wheels or people who need a refresher course. we train in accordance with the world accepted international standard of driver training.

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Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

To Provide Safe and Efficient Transportation Under Severe Time Constraints

This driver training course is designed for candidates that drive and operate emergency vehicles as part of their job.

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Driver Assessment And Recruitment (Out Sourcing)

ACE CENTER™ can assist individuals and corporate bodies to source capable drivers for specific duties or employment.

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Advanced / Defensive (Safe) Driving Course

For Advanced / Experienced Drivers

It is a driving orientation program designed to ensure that the participant at the end of the training, can demonstrate a high standard of competence in handling light / medium vehicle(s) in a safe and responsible manner in the Nigeria driving environment.

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Evasive / Anti Terrorist Driving

Evasive Driving And Anti Terrorist Awareness Course.

The objective of the course is to enhance confidence, awareness, driving skills and maneuvering ability of the participants.

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Industrial / Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver Training

This Program Awards Trainees with Company permit to drive for the relevant class of vehicle(s) with which they were tested.

The Heavy Goods Vehicle driver assessment package is made up of six stages comprising an initial driver assessment which will reveal each candidate's driving ability.

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Driver Training For Host Community Youths

With the increasing demand for youth empowerment in the rural areas and host communities, ACE CENTER™ has designed this course to train beginner and experienced drivers from rural / host community on defensive driving techniques, General motor Vehicle maintenance and Vehicle care.

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